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Made to Order

Custom Orders: Dreaming up Ideas

Sometimes we get special requests for unique pieces that a client dreams up. We work with our carvers to bring a new design into reality.  These custom pieces turn living stories into lasting stone monuments and conversation pieces that live on for generations to come.  These are the types of pieces that take your breath away with the sensation of Taksu.

What is Taksu?

Taksu is a Balinese word that does not easily translate into other languages.  It relates to the way a piece of art can pierce one’s inner soul, breaking the barrier of time and space.  To impact the viewer at this level, the carver must get out of their ego and let the spirit of the stone come through as an expression of itself.  The art that embodies Taksu, exudes a life force that touches you at the center of your being.  The carver may partake in fasting rituals for many days to purify their body before doing the final details on a statue or stone symbol. 

From Conceiving Ideas to Placing Your Perfect Stone Feature

To give you an idea of the process, we have sample statues here at the nursery, and on our online store for you to choose from and place your order. Once you choose your design, stone (such as andesite and blue basalt), and dimensions, we can provide a price estimate. You can put half down up front and pay half upon arrival of the piece. Once we have enough orders to fill a shipping container, we have it shipped to Honolulu, and then to Nawiliwili Harbor. Once the piece arrives to the nursery you can come by and pick it up or schedule for a delivery.

Telling A Story

These ‘taksu pieces’ invite storytelling to happen. One of our longtime customers at Garden Ponds has recently given us the opportunity to experience a full dose of Taksu. To honor her beloved daughter, who left us too soon, she requested a custom bust based on a photo.  When it finally arrived, everyone here at the nursery got to experience Taksu at its finest.  When she saw the carving for the first time, Craig Matthews, the nursery manager recalls her saying, “Oh there she is” with a beautiful twinkle in her eye.. 

The beautiful statuary pieces shown here are items that were hand selected on our purchasing trips, brought to Kauai and displayed in our showroom until—and it usually doesn't take long—that one, lucky customer came in, fell in love, and had to have it. 

The photos of 'Made to Order' statues are of items that we've sold and installed in the past. However, if the item speaks to you and you can visualize just how it would beautify your garden oasis; we can have this statue made especially for you.

Commissioned items can be:

  • Delivered to our Kauai location on one of our regularly scheduled containers for pickup or Kauai delivery and installation. 
  • Upon arriving in Kauai, can be shipped to any location. 
  • Shipped directly from the artist to your location. 

The Made to Order process:

    1. Fall in love with a beautiful piece of artwork and place your order. 
    2. Put Down a non refundable 50% Deposit.
    3. Wait patiently as your commissioned work is carefully crafted. There is no rushing here; it can take several months for your piece to be created.
    4. Rejoice! It's ready, we send you photos of your piece along with shipping cost and estimated transit times. Always free shipping to Garden Ponds Nursery.
    5. Receive your one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that will bring joy and beauty to your family for generations. 

Commissioning a special piece from our talented carvers is an experience that connects you personally to that piece from its inception. We welcome the opportunity to embark on this journey with you. Aloha. if you want something unique please Contact Us

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