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Rain Chain Installation Kit


An installation kit securely and effectively attaches the rain chain to the gutter opening. You will need one installation kit per rain chain. 

The kit includes a rectangular piece of metal with a hole in it that sits inside the gutter over the downspout hole. This reduces the size of the opening to the correct size for the most effective water flow onto the rain chain. Apply a bead of waterproof caulking to the underside of the plate to secure and waterproof it onto the gutter. 

The sleeve will drop through the plate. It will also be sealed with a bead of caulking to the plate. The cylinder that drops through the gutter has an attachment pin to secure the rain chain to the sleeve. 

These kits are designed to look great, effectively funnel the water onto the chain, and securely hold the chain in place. 

Installation kits are available in copper, bare aluminum, and powder-coated aluminum in bronze, black and white.

Note that it is not advisable to use a bare aluminum installation kit on copper gutters, or to use an copper installation kit on aluminum gutters. When copper, aluminum and water come are in constant contact with water the aluminum will eventually corrode away.

Which Installation Kit to Buy?

The metal of your installation kit should match the metal of your gutter.
  • For copper gutters, always buy the copper installation kit. 
  • For aluminum gutters, pick between our choices in aluminum powder coats or pure aluminum. 
  • For plastic gutter, There is are no corrosion concerns so choose your favorite option

Technical Specifications

 Tech specs



 Top Dimensions

 2 5/8" x 4 1/8"       

 3 5/8" x 5 1/2"

 Outlet Lenght



 Outlet Diameter

 2 1/8" tapers to 1 7/8" 



 1/4 lb          

 1/4 lb   

 Sleeve Dim

 3 1/4" x 4 3/4"       

  No sleeve