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Tara Flower Rain Chain


. This spectacular chain features a very large, hand hammered cup! The pure copper cup (with petal details) is suspended between thick, pure brass rings. This is a gorgeous sculptural piece for your home, and functional too. With a large central hole flanked by three smaller drain holes, this chain will handle diverse rainfall conditions.

Based on the Buddhist deity Green Tara, who holds a lotus in her hand.

Each 8 foot section starts with a brass link and ends at the bottom with a thick brass loop.
Extension units, which add 5” each, consist of a copper cup, brass link and two brass loops which can easily be inserted anywhere on the chain.
A copper V-hook is included for easy installation.

Add an Installation Kit


Standard Length:   8 feet
Width of cup at top:  
Height of cup:  
2 1/4"
# cups (std length): 
Waterflow Index:   4/5