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Sunrise Onyx Fountain


This unique sunrise onyx Fountain is made of natural onyx crystal and is lit from the inside with LED lights creating an incandescent glow. Each individualized with white calcite ribbons twisted throughout semi-precious stone mined and quarried from above 10,000 ft. 

Sizes are estimated to be plus or minus three inches. Patterning is unique to each stone. 

This unique piece is Currently On Kauai

Made to Order, custom orders are avaliable and take 1-5 months lead time to be mined, extracted, cut, polished, and shipped. With a  50%, $3000 deposit for a 36" fountain, we can start the process.  If you're interested in a larger one (up to 70") a $3000 dollar deposit can start the process of discussion of options, additional price, and eta. 

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36"x 12"x 9"