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Musical Saraswati Playing the Veena


Dewi Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of wisdom, art, music, science, knowledge, learning and education. Symbolizing creative energy, karma, and power; she is sitting atop a lotus playing the Veena, an ancient stringed musical instrument. A well placed Saraswati ushers in the inner beauty she represents and brings forth the divine feminine; signifying her divinity and purity

The lotus position that she is sitting in is known as Padmasana or Kamalasana.

This hand-carved statue of Saraswati is a goddess that represents the powers of healing and abundance.

This exact sculpture of Saraswati has found her home and is available to be observed at Waiwai Studios Gallery in Kapaa. Visit Waivai Studios for a special offer on this piece and others from our collection.

You can custom order one for yourself. The price is $1800, a down payment of $900 is all it requires to start your own masterpiece.

Saraswati roughly translates to she who possesses pooling waters or speech.

Invoking Saraswati will focus an individual on their actions and virtues.

Saraswati is know in many regions by many different names including:

  • In Myanmar, she is known as Thurathadi
  • in Japan, she is known as Benzaiten
  • in Cambodia Vagisvari 
  • in Tibet she is known as Yang Chen Ma 
Length 28"
Width 24"