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Large Aged Lava rock Fu Dogs

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Fu Dogs are the Chinese guardians of Imperial palaces. They're also known as Stone Lions, Foo Dogs and Shishi. The resemble a lion and the Chow Chow and Shih Tzu dog breeds. 

Fu Dogs are always placed in pairs around an entrance, gate or door. The female, yin energy, on the left, holds a cub under her paw. She is the protector of the occupants. The male, yang energy, sits on the right. He holds a globe under his paw and is the guardian of the property. 

Fu Dogs placed at gates, walkways, or flanking front doors give a grandiose and protected feel to a property.

This pair of Fu Dogs is hard carved from Lavastone.

This Fu Dog pair is currently on Kauai and ready to ship or deliver. You will receive the Fu Dogs pictured. They are beautifully aged and weathered.

Length 22"
Width 29"
Height 40"