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Giant Paros Cauldron


One available. The sacred stone of Bali; Paros is a manufactured stone created and used by Balinese carvers. It is made of a mixture of pumice, lava, and concrete. Artisans first cast the stone into blocks. While still somewhat wet, it is worked into the rough shape of the finished article. Once completely dry, the finished carving is completed. 

Traditionally, Paro's stone is the stone used to carve Balinese temples and sacred objects. The entire process, from cast to finish carving typically takes about two months. 

Paros is lightweight, absorbs and holds water well, and ages quickly; developing a coating of lichen and moss that adds to its appeal. For this reason, we've. chosen to have our carvers create a line of vessels designed to sit under rain chains to beautifully capture the flowing water. 

This giant cauldron can be used as a planter, water garden, fire pit, or as the receiving vessel of a rain chain. We're happy to help you turn this unique piece into the perfect showpiece for you.

Diameter: 6 Feet wide
height: 17"
Opening: 36"