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Copper Leaderhead Valley converter



Conductor Head, Rainhead, Leaderhead,

Used under a Valley Area of the roof that doesn't have gutters,

An easy way to install a Rainchain in that problematic spot where the Valley of 2 peaks meets. usually causing a torrent of rain to gush down on a single spot leading to erosion and other problems.

Constructed to fit in side s 90-Degree angle

Comes with a Brass Screen to keep debris out. 

Has 4 Keyholes for easy installation (2 on each side)

and four copper screws 

Simply convert that problem into a decorative solution that allows you to enjoy the sound and experience of a Rainchain

    Overall height: 12"
    Width across the front: 13 1/2"
    Width of back sides: 9 1/2" each side
    Tapering to 9 1/2"
    Width across the front: 6 1/2" each side
    Width of back sides: 2 1/8