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Balinese Temple Entrance


Step back in time through this Balinese temple archway carved by temple carvers in an inland mountain village of Indonesia.

Made with 26 pieces exquisitely stacked into an archway. Made in the traditional temple carving technique of casting out of Paros, which is a combination of pumas, lava rock, and concrete. 

Every 45-55 years the carvers would come back into the town and recarve the statues and walls where they were damaged using the same material. bi-century after bi-century every generation would go and recarve these architectural masterpieces.  

The hollow block can either be filled with rebar and concrete or dirt and gravel to reinforce and make it solid or left hollow to be able to be moved in the future.

With a built-in place for candles, lights, or alter statues on both sides, a hollow top to either be turned in to a planter box creating a cascading planter or filled with concrete. 

Great addition to any garden entrance. 

Depth 20"
Width 125"
Height 98"
Entrance width 40"