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Arts and Crafts Square Cup Hand Made Solid Copper Rain Chain


A solid copper rain chain with hand made square cups. The sides of the cups feature six square cut out lending the chain an arts and crafts feel. Each side is hand-welded together. This process produces a natural, aged finish. The square cups taper toward the bottom and are excellent in high flow areas.  

In our opinion, this cup design has the best combination of functionality and visibility. with the controlled flow of a cup and the visibility of a chain.

The heat of the torch adds a unique coloration (aging effect); this is not a chemical coating or paint. This chain looks a hundred years old right out of the box! It will easily handle heavy rain.

Copper V-hook is included for easy installation, or you can upgrade and Add an Installation Kit

Technical Specifications:

cup width at top:
cup length:
width at opening of bottom:
standard length:
# cups per standard length:

3 1/2"
4 1/8"
1 1/2"
8 feet