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Stone types used in our custom Indonesian statuary

Stone types used in our custom Indonesian statuary

Each hand-carved statue is available in blue Basalt, Andesite, limestone, or lava stone. Stone choice will affect the overall look, level of detail achievable, weight and price of the piece. 

Blue Basalt 

Blue Basalt is the highest quality stone our carvers work with. It's smooth, shows little texture, dense and very hard. The intricate detail and quality of the carvings achievable with this stone are unrivaled. Statues carved in Blue Basalt will have a much deeper level of detail than any other stone. It is the premier choice for customers wanting the highest quality carving possible. It ages somewhat slowly and beautifully.



Rich and darkly toned Lavastone is volcanic rock. It's less smooth than blue Basalt with some natural pitting. This stone hold detail better than Andesite and not quite as good as Blue Basalt. Lavastone will age somewhat quickly and develop a beautiful green lichen and moss coating. It's an appropriate choice for any Hawaii bound sculpture, or to add a tropical flair to any climate. 


A popular choice, andesite has a neutral tone and large rock inclusions that add personality to each piece. This is the lowest priced stone our carvers work it. Even though a beautiful result can be achieved, the level of detail is possible is much less than that of Bluestone. Andesite will age and weather beautifully in any climate. 


 Our Indonesian limestone has a warm, buttery tone and semi-smooth texture. It looks like solid sand and is reminiscent of a sunny beach. The level of detail possible will be similar to Greenstone. This stone is soft and will darken with age and weathering. It's best for items kept under cover if you wish to retain it's light, clean look with little maintenance. 

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