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Water Lily Flower Tea (Nymphaea spp.)

No blooming flower tea seems more appropriate than the tropical water lily. Sometimes called Blue Lotus, this aquatic flower never ceases to amaze. 
Long used by the Egyptians to reach higher levels of conscienceness, the benefits of this sacred flower are many.
  • Supports the cardiac systems
  • Supports lung health
  • Relaxes the mind
  • Increases focus

When placed in a pot of hot water the water lily flower comes to life, delicately supported by the water, and slowly imparts natures gifts. The water takes on a mild floral scent, a serene pastel shade, petals ebb in the brew as if taking in the sunlight once again. The effect is mesmerizing and relaxing. Long used as a sleep aid, many report lucid dreams when enjoying before bedtime, enhance focus before meditation, and a deepened sense of relaxation.

    Each flower can steeped several times and each will infuse 4-6 cups of water. 

    Whole Flower Tea Like No Other

    The tropical water lily flower rises from the bottom of a shallow pond. She blooms daily for just a few days, each day's bloom is unique. During this short cycle lily flowers dazzle us with their beauty and purity. A symbol of rebirth and enlightenment, these divine gifts have so much more to offer. 

    Grown in a sacred lily pond fed by pure mountain springs near Longquan Temple. These lilies grace the majestic surroundings of their watery nursery, are attended to by experts that insure their quality of environment and esquisite handling and packing.

    Each flower is picked at the peak of it's bloom and carefully dried at low temperatures. The attention to detail shines through. Each flower is individually vacuum packed, whole and fully intact, ensuring freshness and quality as no other form of packaging and handling is able to achieve.

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